Filing for Divorce

If you and your spouse have reached a point in your marriage where you are determined to separate or divorce, it is important to understand the legal ins and outs of California law. The process can be emotional and difficult for all parties, especially if there are children involved. And, in order for the process to go as smooth as possible, it is in your best interest to hire a divorce lawyer, experienced with California laws.

Stephen A. Varga, an experienced divorce attorney, represents individuals in Los Angeles and throughout the South Bay area in divorce and other family law matters. He will provide you with compassion in this distressing situation, and will represent your interests well during this difficult time. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Varga, please contact our law office today.

Three Ways to End a Marriage in California

The three ways to end a marriage or registered domestic partnership in California are:

  • Divorce: A divorce ends a marriage or domestic partnership. Once you are divorced you can marry or enter into another domestic partnership. The waiting period for getting a divorce under California law is a mandatory six months, even if all paperwork is submitted and the divorce is approved.
  • Legal separation: If, for various reasons, you cannot or do not want to get a divorce, you can ask the judge for a legal separation. Under the law, however, legal separation does not permit you to marry or enter into another partnership.
  • Annulment: This happens when the court rules your marriage or domestic partnership is not legally valid. California law states a marriage is never legally valid when it is incestuous or bigamous.

Other reasons marriages or partnerships may be declared not legally valid or void include:

  • One person was younger than 18 years old when the marriage or partnership occurred.
  • One person married or became a domestic partner because of force, fraud, or while incapacitated (physically or mentally).
  • One person was already legally married or in a domestic partnership. The marriage or domestic partnership occurred after the spouse or partner was absent for five years and not known to be living or generally thought to be dead. Irreconcilable differences are not grounds for an annulment.

Contact a Divorce Lawyer in the South Bay Area

The issues involved in getting divorced and the laws regarding them are complicated. Such issues may include other areas of family law:

All of these must be worked out with the approval of the judge.

Because it is important in representing your rights and because ending a marriage is complex and emotional, it is best to hire an experienced divorce lawyer who can help you get through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can move forward with your life.

To schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer in South Bay who is trusted and known to provide a high level of legal service, contact Mr. Varga today.